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Special treatments


It is a sweet and enveloping massage which is wonderful to reduce stress and overall wellness in a healthy way during pregnacy. In this massage the pressure applied during it could be soft or intense depending on the need of the person who is going to receive it.

This technique enhances the function of muscles and joints, relaxes the pain specially in legs and lumbar area, helps to relief the typical discomfort that pregnants suffer, improves blood circulation providing more nutrients to the baby, reduces cortison and releases natural Oxytocin.

With this massage the Chakras are harmonized and it provides a general wellness. Without any doubts This experience cannot be missed during this period.



Thai yoga Massage

This traditional Thai massage is one of the most complete that exists because both physical and energetic levels are worked.
It is a sequence of pressures on points in the meridians, activating the energy of the body, these sequences are combined with some stretching  improving flexibility. Besides the sequences it is also applied precise pressures on parts of the body with more muscular tension, trying always to maintain a conscious breathing, which makes it an experience not only pleasant but also very effective.
I personally  like to perform this treatment outdoor which gives undoubtedly a greater pleasure.


Holistic Fusion

It is a 90-minute therapeutic treatment, in which different techniques are used . In this massage the physical, emotional and energetic parts are worked
It is used some stretching, pressures and friction to soften the shell we carry unconsciously and especially to relief any emotional load we could carry  inside.
The energetic part is worked with the imposition of the hands, unblocking the energetic knots, and bringing  greater clarity of consciousness.




Sport Massage

If your are an athlete or have a strict fitness routine you need to get the right body treatment to relieve pain, stiffness and aches and also to help you recover from an injury or to prevent injuries. Sport massages are tailored depending on the sport . For example a runner and cyclist need the therapy treatment to be focus on their legs but for a swimmer we need to focus specially on the upper body.


In Majorca Therapy Massages our sport massages try to target muscle tendon junctions and to cover all the areas needed to get good results. We recommended to have a pre and post training massages, the first one will stimulate your muscles for a better performance and the post one will help you get a quick recovery.