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Prenatal massage

Prenatal Holistic Massage is the only one with stretcher suitable for pregnant women in Mallorca. 

It is the fusion of the different techniques that are integrated in me and that I will apply, allowing the emergence of what is appropriate at the moment (Miofacial Liberation, Chiromassage, Synenergetic, Multireflexology, Energy healing, especially my ancestral healing memory).

The massage The prenatal massage is a relaxing, sweet and enveloping massage. This massage can only begin to be received after the third month and always in the hands of experts who master the technique. This massage is highly recommended for pregnant moms and their babies because it improves blood circulation, softens skin and musculature, lowers and relaxes leg and back pain and improves the immune and respiratory system. This massage also increases the well-being in the expectant mother and produces an improvement in self-esteem and acceptance for the myriad body changes that the body undergoes during and after pregnancy.

The prenatal massage also creates a precious moment between mother and child because it establishes closer contact between the mother and her baby since the fetus is very sensitive to the mother’s state and reacts to environmental stimuli from the fourth month of pregnancy. This massage helps create a healthier and calmer uterine environment for the baby. It is an integral listening massage Where we will work the physical, emotional and energetic level of the future mom. We will enter into relaxation and connection with your feminine and maternal essence. The Holistic Prenatal Massage consists of the RELEASE OF TENSIONS, PAINTS, BLOCKS, EMOTIONS AND SENSATIONS THAT ARE INTERFERRING IN THE FLOW OF YOUR ENERGY AND VITALITY

Pregnancy is a very special time for women, but at the same time is when more changes, on a physical and psychological level will notice. These changes can often cause stress and discomfort. To relieve these symptoms, there is prenatal massage. As a THERAPY, it brings many advantages for the pregnant woman: fatigue and nervousness will decrease significantly with a good massage. Some of the BENEFITS of massage during pregnancy are:

  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins.
  • Regulates bowel movements. Helps not to retain liquids.
  • Eliminates tiredness and increases energy.
  • Relieves muscle discomfort, stiffness, tension and cramps.
  • Relieves labor pain. Align the chakras. Emotional release.
  • Prenatal Awareness. Connection with baby.

At the mental and spiritual level.

  • Increases self-awareness.
  • It promotes concentration and mental clarity.
  • Unlocks trapped emotions between tissues.
  • It works as antidepressant and anticholérico.
  • It sensitizes deeply.

This massage in pregnant women also helps to prevent states of stress in the future mother and this is fundamental, since recent studies are investigating on the determinant importance that the nine months of pregnancy have on the life of the baby and its repercussion when it is adult. So far it has been shown that a period of maternal stress during pregnancy can lead to delays in neurodevelopment, hyperactivity and sleep disturbances in the child. In addition the anxiety of the pregnant woman can affect even the development of the fetus.

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